Premium Coaching

We elevate the quality of life, performance,
and impact of the leaders of today and the shapers of tomorrow.



Imagine waking up each morning brimming with energy, clarity of thought, and a body ready to conquer the day.

Imagine experiencing holistic health that enriches your mind, strengthens your body, and fortifies your relationships.

Imagine a life filled with self-awareness and understanding, empowering a high quality of life, performance, and impact.

This isn't just a dream

It's the transformation we offer

Our proprietary coaching methodology was crafted by working with Olympians and world-class performers for decades.

We now offer it to a select group of people

For those who act with purpose,
are willing to do the work and pay it forward.

We help influential individuals across all sectors elevate their quality of life experience,
including entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, politicians, and many more.

General manager at MycaNova - Director at Citribel

Sylvia Gillis

QLX helped me to regain my overall health and fitness.

Former CEO GSK Global Vaccines, Professor at KULeuven

Luc Debruyne

This program transformed my daily routine into simple, engaging, challenging exercises.

Professional Triathlete

Pieter Heemeryck

I now understand that this sport isn't all about winning. The only race I want to win is to be the best version of myself.

University Professor

Sabine Verschueren

I am now making a significant impact and feeling energized by the work I am doing.

We Guarantee Your Results

We take the ethical responsibility to prevent our clients from trying to attain inappropriate or unrealistic objectives.

Through our initial analysis and screening process, we evaluate whether your transformational aspiration can be achieved and in what timeframe.

We talk about the terms and conditions only after it is determined that your goals can be met.

If, at any point during the process, we are in danger of falling behind the milestones we’ve mapped, we will redouble our efforts to attain the desired results.

If we still fail to meet our objectives, we will refund a sizeable portion of your investment.

This quality guarantee reflects our commitment to your satisfaction and our accountability for your success.

How we work

Building a Circle Of Transformation

Every impactful individual deserves to have a team of trusted mentors and experts to support them.

We build a Circle Of Transformation (COT) of trans-disciplinary, Olympic-level coaches and experts around every one of our clients.

This way, we transcend conventional coaching boundaries and sustain optimal levels of accomplishment.

Holistic Human Development

A high QLX requires an optimal physical, cognitive, emotional, energetic, and social state of being.

Our focus goes way beyond traditional areas of performance, delving deep into the hidden drivers of human behavior, ensuring you’re primed for success.


Our Premium Coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. We tailor our strategies to your personality, history, aspirations, professional and private situation, schedule, and feedback.

We consistently monitor your state of being, ensuring your progress is unstoppable.

Fusing the Best of Different Worlds

By fusing the best Olympic performance strategies, behavioral science, and the wisdom of the great masters, we create the space for transformation to emerge.

Transformation at Work and Beyond​

We don’t believe in a separation of work and life.

There is only life, and your work is a big part of it.

Our methodology ensures that as your quality of life elevates, so does your work performance.

Shared Responsibility

We can’t do for you what we can only do through you. Transformation requires introspection, honesty, and hard work. Do not expect this process to be all sunshine and rainbows.

To guarantee a successful transformation, we select people based on their willingness to do the work. Your Circle Of Transformation will be there to support you every step of the way. 

Creating a Ripple Effect​

As you grow, so does your impact.

We expect you to pay it forward to the people around you.

From our side, through each leadership transformation, we sponsor future leaders, creating a legacy of positive change.​

Limited Availability

This journey is not for everyone.

Our Premium Coaching is an exclusive experience reserved for a select few. 

We only open 8 spots every month.


Our Process

We follow a simple yet effective process to drive transformation.

We Listen

We listen to your story, challenges, and aspirations. We make sure our methodology is suited to your unique situation and willingness to change.

We Assess

Inspired by Olympic best practices, our intensive initial screening gives us a 360° QLX-Ray of your current quality of life experience, strengths, and weaknesses.

We make sure that we are trying to solve the correct problem, quantify where you are today, and determine how we will measure that progress is being made.

We Decide

Our team determines whether and how we can achieve your specific aspirations. We discuss the appropriate interventions, timeframe, and necessary resources.

Only after our experts give the green light will you be admitted to this transformational journey.

We Do the Work

We design your personal roadmap, build your Circle Of Transformation, and start working together. We guide you every step of the way.

Through continuous feedback, we strengthen what works, revise what doesn't, and replace old paradigms with a foundation that will serve you for the rest of your life.

We Repeat and Ramp Up

We have different benchmarks that you need to attain to reach certain levels of mastery.

As you progress, we infuse new expertise and enhanced mental models into your daily life to keep elevating your QLX, performance, and impact.

Our Clients Say

Sabine Verschueren

University Professor

After a challenging year marked by my son's illness, I found myself struggling with a diminished drive for work. I longed to create a more meaningful impact in my job. That's when I turned to QLX, and it was a transformative experience.

They challenged me to reflect on the aspects of life and my job that bring a smile to my face, and in doing so, I discovered what truly energizes me. Consequently, I had the courage to dive headfirst into a different research field. The result?

I now feel that I am making a more substantial impact and am rewarded with an abundance of energy in return. I am thrilled and profoundly content with the leap I have taken.

Bert Longin

Owner & CEO at Longin Service / Race Car Driver

Combining QLX's world-class physical training with my busy working schedule gave me another level of leadership and productivity.

Fabiaan Van Vrekhem

Chairman, Accord Group Belgium

Putting aside your old habits just like that is not easy. It takes a lot of time. But in my QLX Premium Coaching journey, they took the time needed to optimize my daily habits and helped me find a new balance.

Tom Van Heffen

CEO at Texet Benelux & France

I seriously doubt I would have been as successful in business and happy in my personal life if I hadn’t had the continuous guidance of QLX Premium Coaching.

Werner Helsen

Professor Emeritus at KU Leuven - Sport Scientist & Training Expert at UEFA

QLX is a truly passionate and dedicated Human Development company aiming for daily optimization of one’s holistic well-being using up-to-date academic expertise and technology.

Vincent Busschaert

Managing Partner at Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick

QLX Premium Coaching is a highly professional and personalized service, combining thorough knowledge and up-to-date expertise of the human system with a solution-driven approach. On top of that, they never lose sight of the fun element.

Cedric De Dycker

Solopreneur and investor, former private equity professional

QLX has been a truly transformative experience that has unlocked a sequence of personal insights and decisions, which have enabled me to be more energized, shift gears, and chase my life dream with full conviction.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions, reach out to us via

This coaching is for past, present, and future leaders and influential individuals who wish to elevate their quality of life experience, lead with purpose, and make a significant positive difference.

The COT consists of the people and environments directly influencing our client’s QLX. We build and shape the COT in such a way that there is more space for transformation to happen.

The inner layer of the COT consists of the coach and the people closest to our clients, such as the family and immediate colleagues. It also includes the environments our clients find themselves in most of the time.

The second layer of the COT consists of our multi-disciplinary team of Olympic-level experts, the client’s friends and acquaintances, and the environments that are frequented regularly.

The outer layer of the COT consists of our network of satellite experts lending their expertise to our clients on demand, together with the people and environment our clients interact with occasionally.

Our Transformational Coaching is hyper-personalized. We tailor strategies to your unique situation, schedule, and feedback, ensuring it perfectly suits your needs.

Our methodology is based on decades of experience working with Olympians and world-class performers, blending Olympic strategies, behavioral science, and holistic human development.

We always look at the individual as an integrated whole, not as merely the sum of individual areas that can be optimized. 

Moreover, you are not guided by a single coach but by an entire multi-disciplinary team focused on one objective: to elevate your QLX.

When a person transforms, everything around that person has a chance to transform as well.

As you grow through our program, we expect you to positively impact the people and environments around you.

Additionally, with every leadership transformation, we sponsor future leaders to extend the legacy of positive change.

We will contact you and review your questions and aspirations together. Next, we assess whether you are a good fit for this program. Then, and only then, can we give the green light to start with the program.

Time is not the metric that determines whether or not the journey is complete. Transformation is. For some people, results come more swiftly than for others. Everyone’s timeframe is different.

Internally, we have various benchmarks that our clients need to attain to move to the next level of our program. 

Absolutely not. Work is a significant part of life and cannot be separated from it.

Our Premium Coaching ensures that both your quality of life and, as a result, your work performance are elevated.

Our Transformational Coaching is highly exclusive. We open only a few spots each year to ensure individualized attention. 

On average, we allocate around 8 slots per quarter.

Yes, invoices are issued at the beginning of every coaching cycle. You will also be able to find your invoices in your online account.

QLX is the name of our company and stands for Quality of Life Experience, representing an optimal state of well-being, purpose, and impact. Our mission is to elevate the QLX across the globe. Read more about us here.

Let's elevate your QLX

Your Personal Transformation: Guaranteed.

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