Transforming Ordinary lives into extraordinary experiences

When you understand magic, it’s not magic anymore.
But when you understand yourself, that’s magic.

In over 4 decades of working with people from all walks of life, from everyday individuals to Olympic champions and captains of industry, we have distilled the key components necessary for a high quality of life experience (QLX) and optimal performance.

Combining timeless Eastern wisdom with contemporary Western science, our activities are designed to shatter limiting beliefs, raise your self-awareness, and lay a solid foundation for transforming your life.

The best way to elevate your QLX is by transforming yourself.​

What We Do

Online Experiences

Our online experiences provide holistic, practical, systematic solutions to your personal growth challenges.

Premium Coaching

Hyper-individualized personal coaching by a team of world-class experts to elevate your quality of life, performance, and impact.
We guarantee your results.

Onsite Experiences

We stage interactive, immersive experiences on location and in our personal growth experience center in Leuven, Belgium.


In a moment of insight, your life can change. We publish articles, Magic Moves, Interventions, and more. 

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