A holistic solution to your nutritional challenges

In Holifood, you learn why your eating behavior is the way it is and how you can change it.

Why is it so difficult to improve your long-term nutritional habits?

Why do you find it challenging to change your behavior even though you know what is good or bad for your health?
Why do you make a lot more unhealthy nutritional choices when you are feeling down?
Why is the number of overweight people not decreasing, even though information about healthy nutrition has never been more available?
Why is it so darn difficult to resist food that is high in sugar or fat?
Why do so many people need a wake-up call from their body before they start taking committed action?

It is clear that simply increasing your knowledge about (un)healthy nutrition is NOT sufficient to change your eating behavior.

Your dietary choices are only partially influenced by your intellectual insight into the world of nutrition.

It gets more challenging...

Changing your nutritional habits is even more challenging than modifying other behaviors, because you have been eating and drinking since the moment you were born. 

How, what, how much, how quickly, and when you eat and drink are deeply rooted in your subconscious, and strong habits are harder to change.


You get bombarded with advertisements, seductive images, and other messages about tasty (and usually very unhealthy) food. This hijacks your brain to unconsciously crave these kinds of foods.

It's time for a holistic approach

To master your nutritional behavior, you must become aware of the interplay between your environment, your thoughts and emotions, your body and brain.

This is why we created Holifood: to teach you a simple, practical, and holistic framework that allows you to analyze, understand and change your food choices consciously, and this in different scenario’s.

Flipping the battleplan on its head

We thus turn the approach to nutrition upside down: instead of starting with nutritional advice in an attempt to change your behavior, we raise your awareness of what drives your behavior and then apply this understanding to improve your nutrition.

With this approach, you learn to understand the elements that create the scenarios that are challenging for you and what you can do to change them. 

*All this does not mean that classic nutritional advice has no value. It just plays a much smaller role than you would expect.

Holifood Characteristics


We integrate the different domains that influence your behavior, like sociology, physiology, psychology, biochemistry, economics, and ecology in an easy-to-understand framework.


Before, during, and after the experience, we focus on the scenario's that are challenging to you specifically. We apply the guidelines to those situations so that you can implement them readily.


You will collaborate with other participants to come up with practical solutions to nutritional challenges. We also stimulate ongoing connection after the experience to keep each other accountable for the process.

Physical & Digital

If you enroll in our experience in the experience center, you will also receive all the content and guidelines in your online account after the event. You can also ask follow-up questions.

Less theory, more experience & application

Holifood is an utterly practical experience, starting from real-life nutritional challenges and how to design holistic solutions to overcome them. We use modern technologies to make our content more immersive.

Transformation beyond nutrition

Holifood will not only give you more insight into your nutrition but also into all your other behaviors. You'll be able to use the Holifood model to influence other behavioral challenges as well!

Experience structure

Part 1

Why a holistic approach to nutrition?

What is the goal of the program and how will we get there?

What drives behavior and why are we not focusing more on those drivers?

Part 2

Who are you and what are your real-life challenges?

What is your Holifood profile?

We assess your individual score on the various components that drive your behavior. We use this profile during the experience to apply the guidelines to you.

What are your Holifood scenarios?

Where, when, and with whom is it difficult for you to make healthy choices? What are the different triggers, and how can we map them? At the end of the experience, you should know how you will tackle these situations.

Part 3

Experiencing the different elements that drive your Holifood behaviors

We let you experience the various factors and uncover how they subconsciously influence your food choices.

Moreover, we show you how all these triggers together determine your Holifood response.

You will get practical examples and tips on how to manipulate these elements in order to use them to your advantage.

Part 4

Application at home and beyond

We apply everything we have learned to your real-life scenarios, both during and after the experience.

Until you make the subconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Online experience (coming soon)

Holifood at your fingertips

Start or continue your personal Holifood journey online with our digital, step-by-step program. 

You can start immediately if you sign up for just the online experience.

If you sign up for the full experience (onsite + online), you will get full access to the online program immediately after your visit to the experience center.

The online program guides you through all the steps of the process and sends you implementation reminders in the weeks and months after starting with Holifood.

It is also the place to find all experience assessments, materials, and connect with other participants.


Coming soon


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  • Preparatory assignments After enrolling in the program, you must complete a few assignments to get the most out of your experience
  • Online experience Start immediately
  • Ask your questions
  • Implementation reminders
Waiting list
Online + onsite



  • Preparatory assignments After enrolling in the program, you must complete a few assignments to get the most out of your experience
  • 3 hours guided immersive experience in the experience center in a group of max. 30 participants, with a lot of opportunity for questions and personal interaction
  • Online program after the experience All content in your personal QLX account
  • Ask questions post-experience Ask follow-up questions to your experience guide in the 2 weeks after the experience
  • Implementation reminders At regular intervals post-experience, we send you reminders and additional insights to keep applying what you have learned.
Contact us for pricing, availability, and more information.
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Online + onsite



  • Personal intake call + assessment before the experience
  • Preparatory assignments
  • 3h guided immersive experience in the experience center
  • Online program after the experience
  • Ask questions post-experience
  • Implementation reminders
  • Personal implementation call after the experience
  • 12 weeks personal accountability coaching post-experience
Contact us for pricing, availability, and more information.
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The QLX Way

What you can expect from all our programs

Holistic integration

Everything in personal development is connected. All our programs are tied. We don't say A in one program and B in another. With every program you follow, we deepen your understanding and create more lasting transformation.

Transformation over information

Our goal is to transform lives, not overload people with information. Information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not understanding. Too much input hurts implementation. We create simple, practical, and to-the-point experiences.

First principles first

We don't make stuff up. We simplify complex topics by explaining, understanding, and working with the first principles at play. We separate root causes from their symptoms.

Systems​ over chaos

Personal growth is a process. We turn personal growth expertise into structured, repeatable, testable systems and frameworks that are easy to understand and implement.

Strategy over tactics

We start from the big picture and the relationships between the different elements of personal growth. We advocate for long-term solutions instead of focusing on short-term tactics.

Personal Growth Experiences

Learning more about yourself should be fun, inspiring, and interactive. We combine science, technology, and creativity to build practical, beautiful, and compelling personal growth experiences, both online and onsite.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions, reach out to us via support@qlxnow.com

This experience was designed for anyone interested in better understanding and altering human behavior and nutrition, both for themselves and/or others.

Nutrition and personal development do not seem to be linked at first glance.

However, nutritional choices heavily depend on habitual behavior, and understanding and changing human behavior IS at the heart of personal development.

No, you do not. However, we assume that most people have a basic knowledge of what constitutes healthy and unhealthy nutrition.

You probably know that you should eat lots of vegetables and fruit and not too much sugar, saturated fats, and processed foods.

Yes, albeit in moderation, as you can easily find much of this information elsewhere. We will give an overview of the most important guidelines.

You will have to complete a few preparatory assignments and bring them with you. This and more information will be sent to you by email after enrolling in the experience.

You don’t need anything else, besides an open mind and a kind heart.

It is our intention that you can immediately start implementing what you have learned after the experience.

You will get access to all essential information and guidelines in an online program after the experience.

The amount of time and effort required to process everything and change your behavior will vary from person to person.

It depends. Please reach out to us via support@qlxnow.com with this question.

Yes, invoices are issued automatically at the end of the registration process. You will also be able to find your invoice in your online account.

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