David Gallimore

Executive Coach

Experiencing the QLX methodology has been a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation for me. The holistic approach, which transcends traditional training by including profound mental, emotional, and spiritual insights, has significantly deepened my self-awareness and self-worth.

As a result, I've noticed a remarkable enhancement in my overall performance and decision-making abilities, and it's helped me to attract my ideal clients. This method nurtures the entire self – body, mind, and spirit. The changes I've experienced personally and professionally are a testament to the power and effectiveness of the QLX methodology.

Cedric De Dycker

Solopreneur and investor, former private equity professional

QLX has been a truly transformative experience that has unlocked a sequence of personal insights and decisions, which have enabled me to be more energized, shift gears, and chase my life dream with full conviction.

Jorre Verstraeten

Olympic Athlete

QLX coaching has been transformative for me. It heightened my consciousness about my internal feelings and my environment. Being an Olympic judoka, the coaching reshaped my approach towards my sport, helping me understand the interplay between my energies, mind, and movements before and during competition. This coaching journey is about being the best version of myself and has immensely elevated my mental capacity. Today, I am more self-aware, which has empowered me to see things as they truly are.

Andres Fernández


It’s the first time I've had such an experience. I found it wildly enriching! They are connecting so many different fields like leadership, mental, energy, etc. This experience truly opened my mind to who I am and what I’m capable of.

Jonathan Dupuis


I found something very special here at QLX. You HAVE to look at it.

Daniel Kazadi Nzengu


It’s a great experience! You come here and learn about leadership, your mind, and much more to help you achieve your goals. You have to experience it yourself.

Vincent Noschese


I had an incredible day here at QLX. I’ve tried a lot within personal development, but what really differentiates QLX is that here, you really ‘feel’, you touch and perceive the insights. I strongly recommend you to experience this!

Gregory Tshiteya


I struggled to focus on my objectives. This experience created the space for me to go beyond my struggles by understanding my ‘why.’

Fanny Sapuppo


This experience empowered me to become more conscious of what I want in my life.

Bob Proctor

World-renowned expert in personal growth

I have been in the business of personal development for 59 years. I have gained more respect for Bert Ackaert in a very short period of time than I have for anybody over my entire lifetime. This man really understands what makes you and I tick.

If you want to learn more about yourself, learn how to bring more of you to the party. Life is short, and it can be absolutely phenomenal. Listen to what Bert has to say. When he puts up an event, be there.

Vincent Busschaert

Managing Partner at Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick

QLX Premium Coaching is a highly professional and personalized service, combining thorough knowledge and up-to-date expertise of the human system with a solution-driven approach. On top of that, they never lose sight of the fun element.

Joeri Vanhumbeeck

Founder, Owner & CEO at Carconnex

Today, one year into the program of QLX Premium Coaching, I get more work done in one day than ever before.

Werner Helsen

Professor Emeritus at KU Leuven - Sport Scientist & Training Expert at UEFA

QLX is a truly passionate and dedicated Human Development company aiming for daily optimization of one’s holistic well-being using up-to-date academic expertise and technology.

Tom Van Heffen

CEO at Texet Benelux & France

I seriously doubt I would have been as successful in business and happy in my personal life if I hadn’t had the continuous guidance of QLX Premium Coaching.

Kris Vansanten

Founder & Managing Partner at Quanteus Group

QLX Premium Coaching offers a proposition for people who are in the midst of a very busy life, whose objective is not to become an Olympic champion but to live a life optimized for quality, performance, and impact.

Sylvia Gillis

General manager at MycaNova - Director at Citribel

Their unique understanding of the human body, mind, and purpose, combined with their ability to apply this knowledge to my personal situation, helped me to regain my overall health and fitness.

Fabiaan Van Vrekhem

Chairman, Accord Group Belgium

Putting aside your old habits just like that is not easy. It takes a lot of time. But in my QLX Premium Coaching journey, they took the time needed to optimize my daily habits and helped me find a new balance.

Sabine Everaet

Non-Executive Board Member at ING Belgium

QLX Premium Coaching did not only elevate my mental sharpness but also boosted my positive mindset. I now tackle problems by looking at them from a more optimistic perspective, which is having a remarkable ripple effect on the people around me.

Bert Longin

Owner & CEO at Longin Service / Race Car Driver

Combining QLX's world-class physical training with my busy working schedule gave me another level of leadership and productivity.

Luc Debruyne

Former CEO GSK Global Vaccines, Professor at KULeuven

I would recommend that executives do some basic homework: write down your thinking, moving, eating, drinking, and sleeping habits. Next, make a decision (you’re used to that): decide to get QLX into your calendar to optimize your performance and your impact. 'Mens sana in corpore sano' wasn’t invented yesterday, but QLX puts a science-based professional and Olympic spin on it.

Pieter Heemeryck

Professional Triathlete

QLX Premium Coaching truly showed me the right path. I now understand that this sport isn't all about winning. The only race I want to win is to be the best version of myself.

Learning to accept that I'm enough to do the sport that I love the most has been vital to optimizing my performance and racing with the best of our sport.

Sabine Verschueren

University Professor

After a challenging year marked by my son's illness, I found myself struggling with a diminished drive for work. I longed to create a more meaningful impact in my job. That's when I turned to QLX, and it was a transformative experience.

They challenged me to reflect on the aspects of life and my job that bring a smile to my face, and in doing so, I discovered what truly energizes me. Consequently, I had the courage to dive headfirst into a different research field. The result?

I now feel that I am making a more substantial impact and am rewarded with an abundance of energy in return. I am thrilled and profoundly content with the leap I have taken.

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