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Elevate your quality of life, performance, and impact
Many people struggle to truly flourish in life. They have tried all kinds of interventions, but nothing seems to move the needle.

Traditional approaches fail to recognize the interconnectedness of the human system. They try to solve problems on the same level as they were created.

By connecting the dots between neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and philosophy, we distilled a methodology rooted in the interconnected nature of well-being and performance.

We help people address the root causes of their challenges instead of their symptoms, leading to uncommon insights and lasting breakthroughs.
Until we make your unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and we will call it fate.

We help you make the unconscious conscious, so that you will no longer call it fate. Instead, you will call it a choice.

This is the key to a better quality of life experience, high performance, and splendid outcomes.
If you're keen to explore what these transformative insights can do for you, I invite you to sign up and dive deeper.
Mathieu Gram - Co-Founder, QLX

Meet Others Who Experienced Personal Transformation

David Gallimore

Executive Coach

Experiencing the QLX methodology has been a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation for me. The holistic approach, which transcends traditional training by including profound mental, emotional, and spiritual insights, has significantly deepened my self-awareness and self-worth.

As a result, I've noticed a remarkable enhancement in my overall performance and decision-making abilities, and it's helped me to attract my ideal clients. This method nurtures the entire self – body, mind, and spirit. The changes I've experienced personally and professionally are a testament to the power and effectiveness of the QLX methodology.

Cedric De Dycker

Solopreneur and investor, former private equity professional

QLX has been a truly transformative experience that has unlocked a sequence of personal insights and decisions, which have enabled me to be more energized, shift gears, and chase my life dream with full conviction.

Jorre Verstraeten

Olympic Athlete

QLX coaching has been transformative for me. It heightened my consciousness about my internal feelings and my environment. Being an Olympic judoka, the coaching reshaped my approach towards my sport, helping me understand the interplay between my energies, mind, and movements before and during competition. This coaching journey is about being the best version of myself and has immensely elevated my mental capacity. Today, I am more self-aware, which has empowered me to see things as they truly are.

Pieter Heemeryck

Professional Triathlete

QLX Premium Coaching truly showed me the right path. I now understand that this sport isn't all about winning. The only race I want to win is to be the best version of myself.

Learning to accept that I'm enough to do the sport that I love the most has been vital to optimizing my performance and racing with the best of our sport.

You do not need to learn a lot of new information. You have to understand and apply the basic principles that lead to human flourishing.
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