Understand your emotions and elevate your quality of life, performance, and results.

Join our Emotional Mastery program for free!

Learn the complete, simple, and science-backed system to master your emotions. This will change your life…provided you apply what we teach!

Our step-by-step framework shows how your mind and body create your emotions, behavior, and results.

Transformation sprouts from the repetitive application of the essentials that we teach.

Results...If you become aware of, understand, and apply our framework.

Why do I need to understand my emotions?

Everything you like or dislike in life is experienced through emotional states.

These states don’t come out of nowhere! They are the outcome of a step-by-step process, co-created by your mind and body.

Moreover, your feelings impact your mental and physical health and drive your actions. And your actions determine your results.

Thus, understanding and managing your emotions effectively gives you the power to elevate your quality of life, performance, and impact.

What others say about QLX

David Gallimore

Executive Coach

This method nurtures the entire self – body, mind, and spirit.

Cedric De Dycker

Solopreneur and investor, former private equity professional

It has been a truly transformative experience

Jorre Verstraeten

Olympic Athlete

QLX coaching reshaped my approach towards my sport, helping me understand the interplay between my energies, mind, and movements before and during competition.

Jonathan Dupuis


I found something very special here at QLX. You HAVE to look at it.

Sylvia Gillis

General manager at MycaNova - Director at Citribel

QLX helped me to regain my overall health and fitness.

Pieter Heemeryck

Professional Triathlete

I now understand that this sport isn't all about winning. The only race I want to win is to be the best version of myself.

The QLX Way

What you can expect from all our content

Holistic integration

Everything in personal development is connected. All our insights are tied. We don't say A in one program and B in another. With every program you follow, we deepen your understanding and create more lasting transformation.

Transformation over information

Our goal is to transform lives, not overload people with information. Information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not understanding. Too much input hurts implementation. We create simple, practical, and to-the-point experiences.

First principles first

We don't make stuff up. We simplify complex topics by explaining, understanding, and working with the first principles at play. We separate root causes from their symptoms. We value science and reasoning.

Systems​ over chaos

Personal growth is a process. We turn personal growth expertise into structured, repeatable, testable systems and frameworks that are easy to understand and implement.

Strategy over tactics

We start from the big picture and the relationships between the different elements of personal growth. We advocate for long-term solutions instead of focusing on short-term tactics.

Personal Growth Experiences

Learning more about yourself should be fun, inspiring, and interactive. We combine science, technology, and creativity to build practical, beautiful, and compelling personal growth experiences, both online and onsite.

Join our Emotional Mastery program for free!

Learn the complete, simple, and science-backed system to master your emotions. This will change your life…provided you apply what we teach!

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