Goal detachment

Detach from the need to reach your goals and pour all your creative energy into the process.

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Most of us believe that it matters greatly that we reach our goals. However, when we are too attached to having to achieve them, we quickly get discouraged and frustrated when things don’t go according to plan. 

Experiencing this pain may even cause us to give up on our goals altogether.

There is a great paradox when it comes to goal setting, and it is one that few people realize:

Being obsessed with having to reach your goals can prevent you from achieving them.

Goal detachment is a Magic Move because it allows us to stay positive and motivated, no matter what life brings. We can still set goals and work towards them, but we don’t need them to define who we are.

Detachment does not mean non-involvement. You can be deeply involved but not entangled.
Jaggi Vasudev

Why is goal detachment important?

When you fixate on a goal, you are pushing and clinging to make things happen the way you want them to. You wish to control and predict everything. This internal need creates tension and anxiety, which gets in the way of creative thinking and flow.

In addition, when you’re always striving to get somewhere, you forget to enjoy the journey. You miss out on all the beautiful moments life has to offer because you’re too busy chasing after your arbitrary goal.

You cling, push, and you do not allow life to unfold the way it naturally would.

If instead, you detach from having to achieve the outcome, you allow for more possibilities and a greater chance of success. You invest your energy in the process rather than in the end result.

This practice allows you to be at peace no matter the final result and, paradoxically, increases your chances of getting where you want to go:

Goal detachment visual of the relation between striving for your goals and detachment and acceptance
The subtle balance between working towards goals you are passionate about and detaching from having to reach them. The way is in the middle.

Some of the benefits of goal detachment:

  1. It can help to stay motivated during tough times.
  2. It breeds creativity and innovation.
  3. It allows for more awareness and spontaneity.
  4. Goal detachment is liberating and leads to a more carefree life.
  5. It opens up space for new opportunities and possibilities to arise. You don’t feel the need to control everything.
  6. It brings about a sense of peace and tranquility that benefits both mind and body.

Why focusing on the process instead of on the outcome is a good idea:

  1. You’re more likely to reach your goals!
  2. You enjoy what you’re doing and the journey along the way.
  3. The process will eventually become the backstory that makes your experience unique.
  4. It allows you to learn more from your mistakes.
  5. You stay in the moment and live in the present more fully.
  6. It becomes easier to trust that things will work out in the end, and if they don’t, to accept that outcome without regrets.
  7. The gradual process of unfolding creates a stronger sense of moving forward toward your goals.
  8. You become more aligned with what truly matters to you.
The road is always better than the inn.


Goal detachment is a Magic Move because it allows you to stay positive and motivated, whether you reach your objectives or not.

You still work towards your goals but don’t need them to define who you are. This insight helps you to keep moving forward and enjoy the journey, even when things get tough.

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