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Designed to Grow

Learn how you can use personal growth as a practical system to become more aware, understand yourself, and turn your dreams into reality.

Nature has designed everyone for growth, and we just have to recognize, understand, and follow this design to move forward in life.

Do you feel like personal growth is confusing and slow?

Have you tried different techniques, but nothing seems to move the needle for you?

Are you overwhelmed by all the information that’s available, and you don’t know what is what anymore?

Do you have a framework to structure your efforts or are you taking actions at random?

Could you explain to a child, in simple terms, how personal growth works?

Do you know why you do what you do?

Can you use the process of growth as a practical system to turn your dreams into reality?

You are not alone like this

When it comes to their personal development, most people jump from one tactic to the next, always trying the new hot thing or technique, without any overall strategy or plan.
They don't have a system to manage their efforts, nor understand how everything is related.

They have become opportunity seekers.

They are like an architect trying to build a house without a blueprint;

Like an athlete trying to get in shape by doing some random training sessions;

Like an investor buying stocks at random, hoping to get lucky this time;

Like a chef trying to prepare a meal by just mixing some ingredients;

Like a farmer expecting an abundant harvest by planting some seeds hither and thither.

No wonder this is not working.

If you do not understand the elements and steps of a process, the chance that you will take the proper actions at the right time is extremely low. 

Your growth becomes slow, and you experience more setbacks than necessary.

Because you are using tactics without a strategy.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

And it’s not your fault.

There is a better way

When it comes to your personal or professional development, if you want better and lasting results, you have to become more strategic.  

If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you do not know what you are doing.
W. Edwards Deming
Foremost expert on continuous personal and business improvement

The time for just winging it is over.

Can we agree that growth is a process from one state to another? And that every process consists of multiple elements in a certain step-by-step sequence?

And so can we agree that personal growth is a gradual process comprised of multiple elements in a step-by-step sequence?

And that, if we understood this process, we would be able to greatly improve our results?

Personal development should not be some random set of activities that you occasionally do while crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

It can and should be a consistent, insightful, practical process that allows you to express yourself toward meaningful goals, find fulfillment, and make the world a better place.

This is the goal of Designed to Grow.

Don't take our word for it

Here’s what some of the biggest experts in the field of personal development have recommended:

To succeed in the best and fullest sense of the term we must, with nature as our model, copy her methods. In her principles and laws we shall discover all the secrets of success. All you need is to gain a right understanding of the principles and laws upon which success is based, and then to apply the right methods of operating these causes until success is earned.
Raymond Holliwell
In your search for the secret of success, do not look for a miracle, because you will not find it. You will find only the eternal laws of Nature. These laws are available to every person who has the faith and the courage to use them. They may be used to bring freedom to a nation, or to accumulate riches. There is no charge save the time necessary to understand and appropriate them.
Napoleon Hill
The purpose of life for man is growth, just as the purpose of life for trees and plants is growth. Trees and plants grow automatically and along fixed lines; man can grow, as he will. Man is formed for growth, and he is under the necessity of growing.
Wallace D. Wattles
The great task is to discover the laws of nature to which we are to adjust ourselves. To have found the Master Key means that you have come into an understanding of the fundamental laws of Nature, and have put yourself in harmony with them.
Charles F. Haanel
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein
We may pervert the order of Nature, but it will prevail in the long run, returning by the back door even though we drive it out with a pitchfork.
Thomas Troward
We succeed when we model nature.
Bob Proctor
Everything in the world works on the side of the person who works with nature’s laws.
Earl Nightingale

The reason I encourage all people to study natural principles is that it’s a way of learning truths about the world. As we study nature, we learn about ourselves. The lessons of nature point the way to wisdom, but nature will only yield her secrets to the patient, disciplined, honest seeker of truth.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Experience structure

In this personal growth experience, we teach you how to use the natural process of growth as a practical system to move toward your personal and professional goals.

Part 1: Getting Ready for the Adventure

We start the program by looking at the experience map, a visual overview of the entire journey.

The activities in each area on the map will deepen your understanding of the various elements of the personal growth system. 

Next, we briefly explore the elements of the personal growth matrix, and we make you more aware of the role that each of them plays.

Finally, we look at what is required to ignite and maintain the process to make it successful. 

This will lay the groundwork for the rest of our experience.

Experience Center Holistic Approach
Evermove for business

Part 2: Setting the Stage for Growth

To reach your destination, you must know who and where you are, where you want to go, and what could be holding you back.

In this part of our experience, we work on these important elements. 

We increase your self-awareness and get clear on your core values, purpose, vision, and goals for your life, team, or business.

We look at the obstacles that are blocking you from moving forward and how you can tackle them.

Part 3: Optimal Human Performance

This is the central part of this program where we experience how to follow nature’s processes.

We teach you how to stir up your life energy to empower your growth process.

We show you how your mind creates your reality and how you can reprogram it to guide you toward your goals.

You experience how your thoughts and feelings shape your actions, behavior, and results and how you can influence this process.

We show you the role your incredible body plays in the process and how to use it to your benefit.

Experience Center Technology
Experience CenterEngagement

Part 4: Navigating the Journey

In this part, we define what knowledge and skills you need for your growth journey and how to acquire them fast and on time.

We explore how to build social and other environments that are favorable to your growth. 

We create a plan of action that is focused on key elements for growth and that ensures repetition to keep your process going and growing.

We illustrate all we learn with real-life examples and apply the system to your specific situation.

Who is Designed to grow for?

For individuals

Individuals participants can use this experience to structure their personal growth efforts and turn their dreams into reality.

For teams*

Every team is a collective of individuals who ideally work in synergy towards a shared objective. The principles of this experience can be applied to team performance as well.

For businesses*

An organization or business consists of a collection of teams working towards overall objectives. The same elements of growth apply to this level of cooperation. There is no difference in kind, only in degree.

* If you want to experience Designed to Grow with your team or company, please contact us first via so that we can customize the experience to your specific needs.


Bob Proctor
Former leading personal growth expert

Daniel Kazadi Nzengu
Student participant

Vincent Noschese
Entrepreneur participant

Fanny Sapuppo
Employee participant



Our goal is to let you experience personal growth expertise in a way you will remember forever. We use modern technologies to support our content.


We always start from the big picture and relate everything to the overall goal of the framework.


We integrate the different domains that influence your results, like physiology, psychology, spirituality, sociology, and economics.


You'll learn an easy-to-understand framework that we apply to your personal situation as much as possible.


You will collaborate with your experience guide and other participants for implementation and accountability.


We consider the individual, team, or organization holistically instead of through the lens of one particular area of expertise.

Practical Info

  • Full day

    This is a big personal growth experience, covering a lot of ground. You will be in the experience center for an entire day (timing below).

  • Language

    We conduct this experience in English or Dutch. All reference materials, exercises... are available in English, Dutch, and French. Each participant can indicate his/her preferred language.

  • Group Size

    We keep group sizes below 25-30 visitors to guarantee an optimal experience and to maximize social interaction. Covid-19 regulations may force even smaller group sizes.

  • Personal Transformation

    The primary goal of this experience is not just to be entertaining but to be transformational. Expect to work on yourself, your team, or your business.


The timing of this full-day experience is as follows:
This timing is not set in stone. For example, for groups/teams, it can be adjusted if necessary.
Experience Center Technology


We have developed this experience in partnership with Health House. The experience center is located at the Gaston Geenslaan 11, Building B4, 3001 Leuven, Belgium.

You will receive practical information about the venue upon registration.

Packages & pricing

For our onsite experiences, we work with custom pricing, as the price depends on the number of guests, specific requests, and availability of the experience center. Click the button below each package and we will get in touch.

Onsite Standard


  • Preparatory assignments After enrolling in the program, you must complete a few assignments to get the most out of your experience
  • Full-day guided immersive experience in the experience center in a group of max. 30 participants, with a lot of opportunity for questions and personal interaction
  • Online program after the experience All content in your personal QLX account
  • Ask questions post-experience Ask follow-up questions to your experience guide in the 2 weeks after the experience
  • Implementation reminders At regular intervals post-experience, we send you reminders and additional insights to keep applying what you have learned.
If you are interested in this package, please get in touch by clicking the button below. We will get in touch to discuss availability and pricing.
Get in touch

Onsite Premium


  • Personal intake call + assessment before the experience
  • Preparatory assignments
  • Full-day guided immersive experience in the experience center
  • Online program after the experience
  • Ask questions post-experience
  • Implementation reminders
  • Personal implementation call after the experience In the week following the experience, we discuss your next steps with you in person.
  • 12 weeks personal accountability coaching post-experience Online accountability coaching to make sure you implement the guidelines and are on track to achieve your objectives.
If you are interested in this package, please get in touch by clicking the button below. We will get in touch to discuss availability and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find an answer to the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions, reach out to us via

The onsite experience takes place at Health House, Gaston Geenslaan 11, 3001 Leuven, Belgium.

You will have to complete a few preparatory assignments and bring them with you. This and more information will be sent to you by email after enrolling in the experience.

You don’t need anything else, besides an open mind and a kind heart.

This experience was designed for people who want to learn a more structured and effective way to turn their dreams into reality. You can apply the process to your personal life, your team or organizational objectives.

It depends. Please reach out to us via with this question.

Yes, invoices are issued automatically at the end of the registration process. You will also be able to find your invoice in your online account.

The QLX Way

What you can expect from all our programs

Holistic integration

Everything in personal development is connected. All our programs are tied. We don't say A in one program and B in another. With every program you follow, we deepen your understanding and create more lasting transformation.

Transformation over information

Our goal is to transform lives, not overload people with information. Information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not understanding. Too much input hurts implementation. We create simple, practical, and to-the-point experiences.

First principles first

We don't make stuff up. We simplify complex topics by explaining, understanding, and working with the first principles at play. We separate root causes from their symptoms.

Systems​ over chaos

Personal growth is a process. We turn personal growth expertise into structured, repeatable, testable systems and frameworks that are easy to understand and implement.

Strategy over tactics

We start from the big picture and the relationships between the different elements of personal growth. We advocate for long-term solutions instead of focusing on short-term tactics.

Personal Growth Experiences

Learning more about yourself should be fun, inspiring, and interactive. We combine science, technology, and creativity to build practical, beautiful, and compelling personal growth experiences, both online and onsite.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our Designed to Grow experience. 

By now, I hope you understand that Personal growth is a process and that it’s incredibly helpful to understand this system if you want to keep moving forward.

The world pushes towards specialization in any of the areas that we explore in Designed to Grow, as if they exist separately and do not interfere with one another.

You, however, are a single holistic being, and lasting breakthroughs come from combining all the elements of personal development in a unified, systematic, and ongoing methodology.

We are confident that if you follow and apply what you learn in this experience, your life will move forward in a positive direction. In truth, there is no way that it cannot.

Good luck, and keep moving forward!

Bert Ackaert
Cofounder – QLX

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